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The missing issues, 13 and 14 were done by another poster so I´m not including them here. They were, however, great reads. GA #13 "The End of the Threatening Three!" is really a heartbreaking tribute to Archie Goodwin AKA Mr Nice. GA #14 "Masks of Love: A Harley Quinn Romance" continues the plotline from GA #10, Harley´s exploits as a novelist. It is also Ty Templeton´s last issue and his good-bye letter was a nice extra, you don´t usually see that from people leaving a book. I agree about the part of writing the "real" Batman too! ;)

But on to the reviews!

Gotham Adventures #12 "Never an Option"

Since this is an issue with a "2" it traditionally features Two-Face as the villain. Only this time, Harvey isn´t really a villain. Since his latest escape from Arkham, he´s been sabotaging his own crimes, delivering his henchmen to the police and now he´s even heroically solved a hostage situation at the airport. Batman´s hope that Harvey´s good side is coming out again is dashed by Harvey´s psychiatrist Dr. Sloane, who discloses that not only has Two-Face´s coin been exchanged for a trick coin that always comes up with the good side, but that she fears that the "Judge", Harvey´s third persona, will take over again, and maybe make another attempt at executing the death penalty he had previously imposed on Two-Face.

This references another episode of the BTAS: Judgement Day. If you have the time I´d recommend watching it, it´s very dramatic. I like how it focuses on Batman´s need to save everybody, especially Harvey, whom he still sees as his friend.


In the comic, Batman gets not only badly hurt in a fight with Two-Face, but also a first hand impression how far gone Harvey already is. So, in spite of his injuries, Bruce deduces where Harvey will go next and sets after him a second time. After a desperate fight in the skies he manages to save Two-Face from himself.
The last panel is truly heartbreaking. When it comes to a person he cares about, even Batman is not immune to wishful thinking. :cry:

Speaking of panels, there´s one on page 9 that shows a very creative use of the cape to catch a crook!

Gotham Adventures #15 "Cash´n the Hood"

From this issue on Scott Peterson takes over the writing duties and Tim Levins is the regular penciller. I am quite partial to Levins´ Batman. His expression is less grim, but more ... melancholy, sometimes almost sad. I´m probably projecting, so whatever. :lol:

The cover does a good job of demonstrating how not to use photoshop textures, I don´t think it was ever done again in the series.

On to the story! Bane is robbing banks in broad daylight and he´s getting away. Nobody knows to where, and nobody is willing to give his hideout away. Of course, you can´t hide from Batman, but when the team of Batman, Batgirl and Robin arrives at Bane´s house in the poorest neighbourhood in Gotham, they are in for a surprise. The kids they thought were being held hostage have actually found a home and care there, and when the police come to arrest Bane the neighbours protest, claiming Bane had done much good for a neighbourhood nobody else cared for.

Batman is baffled about Bane´s motives. Has he really done it for selfless reasons? Or is he much more cunning than everyone believes him to be? (We find out in a later issue of GA!)
Alfred´s suggestion that Bane might indeed be trying to give those children a family he himself never had leaves the Batfamily pondering in silence.

It seems to me Scott Peterson has yet to find his stride. The pacing is sometimes a bit slow (I don´t think 4 pages of Bane robbing a bank were really necessary) and the storytelling is very linear.
There are a few very nice character bits though: Bruce and Tim attend a soirée of the Gotham Heart Association and the socialite he talks to finds it incredulous that Bruce is only there because he supports the cause. Another page shows a hardened criminal unfazed by Robin´s or Batgirl´s threats, but in hysterics just at the sight of Batman. Well, WE already knew that, but every comic is someone´s first, so ... :wink:

In the letters pages we witness the birth of a legend: the real Elise Archer writes an enthusiastic letter about the Harley Quinn story.
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Gotham Adventures #10 "Mightier than the Sword"

BTAS Harley was a wonderful character, of course she was presented as a psychopath, but underneath the mania there were so many authentic feelings that I always felt she was the most flesh and blood character in the show.

The Harley and Joker relationship is disturbing, a lot of "funny" stories are if you translate them into reality. In this one I was really impressed how towards the end, from page 20 onwards, the comedy comes to a stop. Harley´s tears and her moment of truth are truly touching. Her righteous anger even overshadows Joker´s clownerie. All of a sudden it sinks in that an abusive relationship is not funny, and I find myself almost hoping she´s over it. Until the last panel, which takes you right back into toonland.

There were a few names dropped in the issue, like Salman Rushdie and Gertrude Stein, so I wondered if Elise Archer was a reference to a real person too. Seems like this time reality imitates fiction!


Gotham Adventures #11 " The Oldest One in the Book"

Riddler has escaped Arkham! But this time, he´s not letting Batman catch him, he´s not crazy, is he?
His first move is to force Gotham entrepreneur Charles Baxter into letting him stay in the penthouse suite of Baxter´s new hotel, the Cleopatra. From there, the plan is to provide Gordon and Batman with clues to the whereabouts of other criminals. This way, he thinks, he can match wits with his caped nemesis but stay out of his grasp. In the course of the story we see Batman and Nightwing do quite a bit of nifty combination work on Riddler´s riddles, even Gordon is impressed enough to say so.
What is really impressive though, is that Batman sees clues that Riddler never intended to be there (and some that weren´t even there at all!), and while the poor delusional fool still thinks he can pull Batman´s strings, he has already tied himself up in his own.
Like Harley in the issue before, Eddie has a moment of insight in the end. Poor crazy Riddler.

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Gotham Adventures #9 "A League of His Own"

This is a story that impressed me very much for the way it handles the problem of firearms.
We know Batman won´t touch them - for personal reasons - but he also discourages his allies from carrying them, and here we see why.
The story starts with Bruce and Barbara in the Tibetan Himalayas, searching for the hideout of the Sensei. They are attacked by their guides (Tibetan freedom fighters - what??) who get away with their equipment but leave behind a pistol. Barbara admits to being scared to walk into the headquarters of the League of Assassins and that she is taking the gun with her. Batman tells her to get rid of it repeatedly, but Barbara refuses to give up the seeming advantage.
Surprisingly, the alleged headquarters are the luxurious private home of the Sensei, and the old man has an important guest... Batman and Batgirl are spotted on arrival and Batman is severely beaten up by the Sensei. Just before he can deliver the fatal blow, Batgirl draws the weapon. Sensei has no trouble at all turning the weapon in Barabara´s hand into her greatest weakness. It is so simple and and logical and delivers the point to the audience so well - brilliant!
I think you can guess who the mystery guest the Sensei was entertaining is: it´s Ra´s al Ghul! He intervenes in the fight between the Bats and the old man and orders Sensei to surrender. He hints at having "... important plans that require Bruce Wayne to remain alive". Sensei, however, chooses to withdraw instead in a rather final fashion. Or so it seems.
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Click on the pic to be taken to Giancarlo Volpe´s tumblr and the complete comic. It gives interesting insight into the workings of the animation industry. It is also proof (as if anyone still had delusions about this) that there are far too many people who don´t know what they are talking about and have too much to say.

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Now, where were we? Ah, it´s

Gotham Adventures #7 "Dagger´s Secret"

Tim Drake´s tenure as Robin has only started in this series, his debut was covered in Lost Years #4, with a preceeding little one panel cameo in the first issue.

In the first pages we are introduced to Charlie "Dagger" Dixon, an ex-member of Two-Face´s gang. He´s keeping company with some rather suspicious looking individuals, but claims to have gone straight after being caught by Batman twice. A Batman tattoo on his right forearm serves him as a reminder to keep on the right side of the law.
Enter Batman and Robin, searching to arrest a murderer, who feels too safe in the company of a roomful of goons to give up without a fight. The inconceivable happens: in the middle of the fight Dagger Dixon recognises - and saves - Tim in the Robin costume! It turns out that Dagger was Steven "Shifty" Drake´s partner in crime. Dagger does the math: Tim´s adoption by Bruce Wayne was all over the news (we learn that Dick was Bruce´s adopted son too from there), so the big secret is out and Dagger has enough criminal energy left in him to try to take advantage of his findings. The situation escalates when Penguins gets wind of Dagger´s plan to blackmail Bruce Wayne and it all leads to a showdown in Wayne Manor.

I won´t spoil how the situation is resolved, it is actually quite clever, but I will say that I find it remarkable that Dagger Dixon survives in this story.

I was wondering if the cartoons have more on Tim and his life before he met Batman. If there was an explanation of this "new" Tim Drake, I´ve completely forgotten it.

And now:
Écoutez bien les enfants, je vais vous raconter l´histoire de l´Homme Chauve-Souris de Paris!

Gotham Adventures #8 “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”

Before I start with the story I´d like to point out how much I like the detailed and moody rendition of the Notre Dame de Paris cathedral in the background of the cover.

Batman and Batgirl follow the trail of the League of Assassins (see Deadman issue, GA #6!) to Paris to meet with Inspector Anton Legere of the Paris Sûreté, an old acquaintance of Bruce´s. Legere looks a bit like Jean Reno playing a typical Frenchman, scruffy beard, droopy eyes – the works. He leads them to the hideout of one of Sensei´s henchmen, a killer who is not at all impressed by Batman´s appearance. The planned interrogation gets a bit out of hand due to Legere´s temper tantrum and the killer´s subsequent cunning escape, but then a new player appears – the Batman of Paris, in a way. Take that, Grant Morrison!
The issue is by and large an introduction to the Hunchback, how he came to be and what may become of him.

A fun issue overall, a nice change of surroundings and a lead in to the next issue, where Batman and Batgirl continue to pursue the Sensei.

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Happy Birthday today to some of my favourite people!

Happy Birthday Michelangelo Buonarotti!
March 6, 1475

Happy Birthday Will Eisner!
March 6, 1917

Happy Birthday David Gilmour!
March 6, 1946

You people rock my life! :)

Here´s a glass of Vivency, Brut de Loire, to you!

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You may think whatever you like about old man Moore, but this is enlightening as well as entertaining.

The Last Alan Moore Interview?

The short version of the last part by the ever fabulous Ty Templeton:


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Hey! An actually awesome new Batman comic!
Like so often, the all rebooted and different Nu DC has decided to stick to the tried and true after all, and reused the old Legends of the Dark Knight title. Up unti now they´ve managed not to eff it up too badly. Well, except for the first issue, which was so "edgy" and "dark" and abysmally idiotic I will just pretend it doesn´t exist at all.
Legends of the Dark Knight vol.2 #10 is one of my favourites to date because

 1. Awesome Chris Sprouse art!
 2. Good creepy horror story!
 3. Bruce Wayne bondage!
 4. Bruce Wayne batmanning!
 5. Chris Sprouse draws a cool Bruce Wayne!

I´m pondering on buying this page. bruce even has a bat-shaped bruise on his forehead! XD

edit: aaaand -- it´s mine!!! Thank you Chris Sprouse, you are awesome!
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Is there anything more haunting and sadly beautiful?

Nick Drake Way to Blue from1969

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