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The missing issues, 13 and 14 were done by another poster so I´m not including them here. They were, however, great reads. GA #13 "The End of the Threatening Three!" is really a heartbreaking tribute to Archie Goodwin AKA Mr Nice. GA #14 "Masks of Love: A Harley Quinn Romance" continues the plotline from GA #10, Harley´s exploits as a novelist. It is also Ty Templeton´s last issue and his good-bye letter was a nice extra, you don´t usually see that from people leaving a book. I agree about the part of writing the "real" Batman too! ;)

But on to the reviews!

Gotham Adventures #12 "Never an Option"

Since this is an issue with a "2" it traditionally features Two-Face as the villain. Only this time, Harvey isn´t really a villain. Since his latest escape from Arkham, he´s been sabotaging his own crimes, delivering his henchmen to the police and now he´s even heroically solved a hostage situation at the airport. Batman´s hope that Harvey´s good side is coming out again is dashed by Harvey´s psychiatrist Dr. Sloane, who discloses that not only has Two-Face´s coin been exchanged for a trick coin that always comes up with the good side, but that she fears that the "Judge", Harvey´s third persona, will take over again, and maybe make another attempt at executing the death penalty he had previously imposed on Two-Face.

This references another episode of the BTAS: Judgement Day. If you have the time I´d recommend watching it, it´s very dramatic. I like how it focuses on Batman´s need to save everybody, especially Harvey, whom he still sees as his friend.


In the comic, Batman gets not only badly hurt in a fight with Two-Face, but also a first hand impression how far gone Harvey already is. So, in spite of his injuries, Bruce deduces where Harvey will go next and sets after him a second time. After a desperate fight in the skies he manages to save Two-Face from himself.
The last panel is truly heartbreaking. When it comes to a person he cares about, even Batman is not immune to wishful thinking. :cry:

Speaking of panels, there´s one on page 9 that shows a very creative use of the cape to catch a crook!

Gotham Adventures #15 "Cash´n the Hood"

From this issue on Scott Peterson takes over the writing duties and Tim Levins is the regular penciller. I am quite partial to Levins´ Batman. His expression is less grim, but more ... melancholy, sometimes almost sad. I´m probably projecting, so whatever. :lol:

The cover does a good job of demonstrating how not to use photoshop textures, I don´t think it was ever done again in the series.

On to the story! Bane is robbing banks in broad daylight and he´s getting away. Nobody knows to where, and nobody is willing to give his hideout away. Of course, you can´t hide from Batman, but when the team of Batman, Batgirl and Robin arrives at Bane´s house in the poorest neighbourhood in Gotham, they are in for a surprise. The kids they thought were being held hostage have actually found a home and care there, and when the police come to arrest Bane the neighbours protest, claiming Bane had done much good for a neighbourhood nobody else cared for.

Batman is baffled about Bane´s motives. Has he really done it for selfless reasons? Or is he much more cunning than everyone believes him to be? (We find out in a later issue of GA!)
Alfred´s suggestion that Bane might indeed be trying to give those children a family he himself never had leaves the Batfamily pondering in silence.

It seems to me Scott Peterson has yet to find his stride. The pacing is sometimes a bit slow (I don´t think 4 pages of Bane robbing a bank were really necessary) and the storytelling is very linear.
There are a few very nice character bits though: Bruce and Tim attend a soirée of the Gotham Heart Association and the socialite he talks to finds it incredulous that Bruce is only there because he supports the cause. Another page shows a hardened criminal unfazed by Robin´s or Batgirl´s threats, but in hysterics just at the sight of Batman. Well, WE already knew that, but every comic is someone´s first, so ... :wink:

In the letters pages we witness the birth of a legend: the real Elise Archer writes an enthusiastic letter about the Harley Quinn story.


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