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Well it says rants in my journal header, so here I go vent.

So, when exactly did social media get antisocial?
Live Journal is a mere shadow of what it used to be. I understand people being opposed to change, although some changes were for the better on second sight. The drift to Dreamwidth here has done nothing but further divide audiences. And let´s face it, Dreamwidth is no more than a poor clone, things that make LJ interesting, like the scrapbook feature and the statistics page are still missing.
The only community that seems to have taken off at all on DW is scans_daily, but, wow, the mods over there make the Spanish Inquisition look like defenders of freedom of speech.

I´m afraid I´ll never "get" Tumblr. The noncommittal "liking" and the rabid reposting of contents seem to me like the complete abandonment of any kind real communication and basic fair treatment of creators.

Deviant Art ... I don´t know how many pictures are uploaded per second there. I can say that a good 90% of the posted contents are a complete waste of energy. And someone must have told people that commenting gives you cooties. I have a pic there with way over 100 views, a couple of favourites and downloads -- and not one comment. Thank you, guys, I think you suck too.

So, let´s move on to the media relevant to my fannish interests.

Ugh, no, let´s not. Nolan Batman, DC reboot, ´nuff said. Oh, hey, speaking of, Happy 90th Birthday Stan Lee!

I think I´ll have another glass of that yummy Argentinian Malbec and ponder whether or not it´s worth to renewing my memberships on either site.

And start reading Cyc´s brilliant stories in glorious chronological order.

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Ok, somebody convince me that this isn´t the most hilarious bit of hokey sentimental crap writing ever?

Nightwing #0, 2012 Writer, Artist? Don´t know, don´t care.

Poor Dickie. (He´s supposed to be 16 years old in that scene, btw. And he has no neck, lol.)
So he´s all sad and emo because he´s not as sad and emo as Bruce. Awwwwwww.
And he´s soooooo worried that his outlook on life is too positive. Yeah, don´t we all know that feeling. Laying awake nights thinking what a swell time you had with your loved ones. Ooops, they´re dead now? Brutally murdered? Totally forgot about that.
Brushing aside things you don´t want to deal with is also totally a sign for the high levels of compassion nuDickie allegedly has. A true Boy Wonder, that.
And I can totally see Robin/Nightwing going out to punch criminals in celebration of the way his folks lived.

Awful. Make it go away.

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Posted at Bleeding Cool today:

The DC Panel at Baltimore Comic Con marked the first DC panel following the first year of the New 52. Present were Dan Didio, Scott Snyder, Jeff Lemire, and Greg Capullo. The panel started off with DiDio stating that he skipped Baltimore Comic Con in 2011 because he was afraid of the reaction to the New 52. Other than that, the panel ran like most other DC panels I’ve been to, so I’ll share a few of the juicer bullet points:

  • When the New 52 began, writers were told to “write as if they were writing fan fiction.”

Shooting yourself in the foot much?
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Paul Levitz, Kevin Maguire, Worlds´ Finest #0, Sept 2012

Seriously, I like that they went with the trimmed beard for Selina.
I mean, women with a severely affected hormonal balance are grossly underrepresented in comics.

This calls for something with a bit of a punch in the drinks department: Bunnahabhain Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky Darach Ùr.

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FAN EXPO 2012: Brian Azzarello on Batman

The focus shifted to characters as Azzarello discussed the many interesting and unique people in his stories and the idea of sympathy. An audience member made a comment about Batman being a sympathetic character and his one rule that prevents him from killing anyone while fighting crime. Azzarello replied with one of the most entertaining rants about the Dark Knight.

"That's one of his problems, his inability to kill leads to many other people being killed," Azzarello said. "I don't think he feels for anyone else but himself. He has not left the event that shaped his life, he's done everything he can to stay in that alley. He still lives in his parents' house, he hasn't done anything to move on. Get a condo or something, man! Although he can be brutal, there's really no shades of gray with him. He's the extreme on the side of a vigilante."

What an arse.

I can´t believe this comes out of the mouth of a grown man.

That  the root of all evil is always one person thinking they are justified to take the life of another is something that the worshippers at the altar of death, mutilation and violence will never be able to recognise.
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It´s Action Figure Man!

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A while ago, professional comic artist Brett Booth, who works for DC on a variety of their DCnU titles, publicly told a person who had written him a personal LOC to fuck off.

The details surrounding this act make the whole event even more unsavory. Nevertheless, fanboy world needed several pages of comments on various forums to discuss whether the letter writer was an obnoxious nerd and subsequently "deserved" to be insulted or if Brett Booth´s social skills left a lot to be desired.

Now you could say that fanboys will argue with you about the colour of air if you let them, so no surprise there.

But in what kind of world does a grown up person publicly tell another person to fuck off? The mind boggles.

A few days ago I visited Ty Templeton´s Artland blog. I like Ty, he´s a brilliant artist and writer and an outspoken and amusing blogger. His reaction to the DCnU in Action Comics #1 Superman was unbridled enthusiasm.
It was magnificently correct. I'd honestly be surprised if you read it and didn't like it. It gets the heart and soul of Superman right in a way no one's hit the bullseye in decades, and it's NOTHING like the crap-fest, goodie good boy scout, bland Superman we've been getting on TV and the movies since it all began. This Superman has balls.

Magnificently correct? Let´s boil it down to basics: this Superman uses his powers and invulnerability to terrorise and hurt a man who is infinitely weaker than he is himself. It doesn´t matter who his victim is. What matters is what kind of moral standard do you want to see presented in a comic book featuring America´s most iconic super hero?

It doesn´t really explain or pardon anything to point out that this is how the original Superman that debuted in 1938 was written by his creators and that it references stories from that time. So let´s remember that Siegel and Schuster were two adolescent simpletons when they cobbled Superman together from pieces of contemporal  pulp literature and their own version of a Messiah. Nowadays they would probably get off playing computer games to fill their need for empowerment instead of creating their personal avenging golem made of paper and ink.

The widespread approval this story has received reminds me eeriely of the Milgram torture experiment.
I agree with the comment Ty got by a lady named Dana Moreshead:

For me? One of the worst books I've ever read published by a professional company.

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In case you´re curious, this is the page that has Fanboyland in a buying frenzy. This is the page that makes comic connoiseurs cry for more.


Yeah. It looks like a rubber Joker mask pinned onto a tiled (huh?) wall. Rubber chicken creep factor.
But the dogs in Batman costumes in that post are awesome.

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Contrary to my initial optimism, my interest in further following the shenanigans of the DC relaunch has dropped to zero. I had high hopes that TPTB had the sense to use the opportunity to shift the whole atmosphere into a lighter, more positive one, to give the word HERO a meaning once again.
Well, it seems no such luck.

I don´t even want to think of what they have in store for Superman. Darker, more cynical, brooding, violent, more alien, distrusted and distrusting is what you get in snippets of interviews and previews.

But Batman keeps his history intact? As if.
I confess this is second hand information, since I have no intention on listening to an hour long video of Scott Snyder´s rambling, but:

Batman is about 35 years old now(retconning him back to the age he was when Tim showed up). That isn't a big shift. Snyder says that Bruce doesn't keep a sidekick long enough to form a relationship. He's not comfortable in doing so. Snyder says Damian was conceived when Bruce was 25 during "Year One". He said that not every Robin lasted a year or only a year. They're kinda scattered out over a 5-7 year span.

Good bye Batfamily.
Seriously, I won´t miss most of them much, but Bruce not having a special relationship to Dick, be it father or older brother, is just heartbreakingly wrong.
And doctoring Damian in as been there from the very beginning makes me sick. If the shift from taking in kids who need a home and loving and mentoring them like his own is going to him babysitting his offspring then it radically changes everything Batman ever stood for.
Not to forget this wipes out every damn wonderful moment he shared with Dick, Jason or Tim where it shows he had a hell of a strong relationship with them.
On the other hand, Snyder goes on in another interview how crazy Bruce would end up being like the Joker if he hadn´t the Robins to keep him sane, and that if Bruce ever went rogue the only one who´d be able to bring him down was Dick Grayson, because of their connection and Dick is just a cool cat. In the light of his statements in the first interview it doesn´t make all that much sense, but hey, it´s comics.

Uh, is it asking to much to have a writer on the Batman book who actually, you know, likes Bruce and isn´t a covert Dick Grayson fanboy?

Let´s look at what Tony Daniel *gag* is doing on Tec. Hmm, someone saw he needed help on the art chores. I wonder how much of the art is really Ryan Wynn´s work.
Tony Daniel defaces the Joker. Literally.
Rumours of Tony Daniel making Alfred into A.L.F.R.E.D. seem to be unfounded, but I wouldn´t have put it past him.

So how was Justice League?

Story (what story?): predictable, shallow, unbearably clichéd. You get more thought and insight from an issue of Tiny Titans.
Art: Jim Lee on a bad day. Which is still better than the majority of comic artists around, but disappointing. Dull, flat and imprecise in comparison to his work on ASBAR, which really had a sparkle to it.

And I have the nagging suspicion that the Superman in the DCnU is actually the grown up Superboy Prime.
And you know how the fight in #2 will go? Well, Batman has that Mother Box...

Currently drowning my sorrows in Marc de Cava Freixa Rigau

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-- do a reboot -- ahh -- relaunch.

With all the 52 titles to be featured in the Big Fat Relaunch of the DCU -- err -- DCnU -- in September out for public heckling now, there were two that caught my attention.

This is the proposed cover of "Batwing #1" which features the Batman of Africa, as introduced in Batman Inc., to be written by Judd Winick.
Now apart from the fact that nothing in this cover art says "buy me" to me, since the costume looks like so much crap totally uninspired and the Pyramids in the background are probably only there because they are easy to draw -- I dunno. What can a middle aged middle class American white male comic book writer who has never even been to Africa possibly have to say about Africa? I mean, they do have a vital and strong tradition of storytelling in Africa, there´s even quite a lively comic scene as far as I´ve heard, so instead of misusing Africa as a colourful exotic backdrop for yet another random Batman rip-off, how about putting your money where your mouth is and hiring an African writer and/or artist who knows what he´s talking about? You know, take the call for diversity really seriously and have an African hero talk and think like an African and not like Judd Winick? Huh? How´s about it DC, do you think the average fanboy could stomach such a widening of the good ol´ horizon?

I´ve had the same qualms with Greg Rucka writing a lesbian Batwoman. No matter what Rucka says he thinks he´s doing, in the end it is still just a male fantasy lesbian -- no wait: it´s a male fantasy female you are presented with, there is not the least bit of authenticity in the characterisation, nothing that sounds even distantly genuine.

Now the next presumptious hack author on my list is one of my all time favourites:

Yes people, it´s working class Supes in Action Comics vol.2  #1 written by Grant (clones, clones, clones) Morrison, drawn by Rags "Rheumy Eyes" Morales.
Wait a minute. O_o 
Is Supes wearing long johns under those jeans?? O_O Those threads don´t look like socks to me!

All the changes and not changes in the DCnU seem to lead to the bitter realisation that the Superman and Batman books will feature the DCU according to Grant Morrison. I wonder if Clark is killed/unstuck in time/goes rogue and gets replaced by Jimmy Olsen on Super-Drugs? Lois and Clark are no longer married but Bruce has to be saddled with Damian, the dump GMo took in the sandbox before leaving. Batman Inc. threatens to continue its Silver Age madness after a short hiatus.
And now we get treated to the second half of GMo´s mantra about DC´s two iconic heroes: "Bruce Wayne has a butler, Clark Kent has a boss." I wish I could take my boss for a fool like Clark´s been doing for 70 odd years, but whatever. The thing I´d really like to know is: what does Grant Morrison know about work except that he´s never done any? Does collecting unemployment money for a few years while living on Cloud Number Nine count?

On a completely unrelated subject: the Guiccardini Strozzi Chianti Colli Senesi 2009 is excellent! I´d wax lyrical about it now if I had the slightest idea of how to do it in english, lol.

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