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posted by [personal profile] eve_k at 05:08pm on 11/02/2011 under
In a valiant effort to stabilise my blood pressure and regain peace of mind I had earlier decided to quit anything relating to current continuity Batman. Next month´s Batman Confidential  marks the final issue of that series and the last of my Bat subscription, and looking at the Super Powers five parter concluding it, it is indeed a mercy killing.
I shamefully admit I´m still getting Batman on Speed a.k.a. Odyssey, which is so insane it´s almost good again, and whatever, it´s Neal Adams drawing half naked Bruce Wayne, so yeah.
BUT! I couldn´t avoid stumbling across this pageful of godawful ideas:

Peter Tomasi, Patrick Gleason: Batman&Robin #20

So the Waynes decide to do a family night and they have nothing better to do than watch THAT movie on an ostentaciously  XXXL TV screen.

I really have no qualms with Jason and Cass not being there. Jason was such a lovely corpse, I´m happy ignoring he´s alive at all, and Cass Cain´s adoption papers were the most stupid fan service move ever to get by a lazy editorial. Writing themselves into holes as big as the Grand Canyon with characters that had no future to begin with seems to be DC´s MO in the 2000s.
Now letting the TV do the talking may be the average basement inhabiting fanboy´s ideal of being together with your loved ones, you´d think Bruce Wayne and his family would have a bit more class. But I get it, it would have meant writing some clever dialogue for Mr Gleason, better let them shut up, stuff their faces with junk food and slouch in their showy leather chairs in a clever impersonation of the Simpsons. Bruce even looked fat to go along with the analogy. Yay?

But the best part is really the reasoning why Bruce has to make the whole family see that hokey old flick: because it reminded him of how happy he was just before his parents got - like -  gunned down before his eyes? And it just feels right to make everyone uncomfortable seeing it with him? Good effing grief.
This one gets first prize for defying logic, common sense and any kind of believable behaviour in favour of just writing any old sappy crap. Yeah, yeah, I know it´s a comic.

I´ll spare myself the later page of Dickie adopting Bruce Wayne´s playboy routine for inexplicable reasons. Seems that as Batman he has to attend operas and walk the red carpet, dragging the kicking and screaming brat with him no less, whereas as Nightwing he never had to. Or maybe it just ocurred to the writer that the Bruce Wayne persona was just so much more attractive and juicy than his pet character ever was or will ever be.

This post was brought to you thanks to acetylsalicylic acid.

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cycnus39: (Sucks)
posted by [personal profile] cycnus39 at 07:48pm on 11/02/2011
Oh great, now I have to go poke my eyes out.
eve_k: Zen (Zen)
posted by [personal profile] eve_k at 09:09pm on 11/02/2011
Yeah, I know, I had to look at two issues of Kelley Jones goodness to come down again.
cursor_mundi: Bruce Wayne shakes his fist and declares vengence (batman)
posted by [personal profile] cursor_mundi at 03:28pm on 13/02/2011
Ewww! That's hideous.

And while I am glad that your BP is (hopefully) going to go down, by God I'm going to miss the appearance of these pages and your commentary! ;) I've been showing friends the page setting up Batman, Inc. with your observation of, ahem, the historical precedent...to great effect. We're combing the back alleys of Amazon.com and used bookstores to find older (quality) Bat-books, and no one I've talked to is coming near the current material without a full decon suit and a 12-foot pole.
eve_k: Zen (Zen)
posted by [personal profile] eve_k at 10:16pm on 13/02/2011
Lol, don´t worry, I always promise myself not to torture myself any longer, but somehow insanity like the above keeps finding me :(

And it´s good to hear there are still sensible fans out there, I was beginning to feel like the caller in the desert.
I´ve been on a real back issue buying spree the last year, I have most of the Batman and Tec issues from the 70ies, even a few of the beautiful but dastardly expensive Neal Adams ones now. As soon as I have some time to breathe (the first hatch of my "ducklings" has final exams end of march) I´ll maybe start reviewing some of those.


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